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  • Was created on November 26, 2013.

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Article of the Month

December's article of the month is MCTheWalls!

Featured Video of the Month

December's featured video of the month is:

SuperCraftBros Official Server-0

SuperCraftBros Official Server-0


Poll of the Month

How many levels are you able to withstand on VillagerDefense?

The poll was created at 22:19 on December 1, 2013, and so far 9 people voted.

You can vote at previous polls here.

How Can I Help?

You want to help out? Great! We have articles that need to be expanded, created, and revised as well as some that need visual media.


The content of these articles are neither elaborate nor descriptive of their subject.


These articles have not been created as of current time. It necessary for them to obtain an existence.


These articles are considered to be stubs, meaning they contain a minuscule amount of information and need more attention.

Need of Visual Media

These articles, usually stubs, require a source of visual media, e.g. images, videos, etc., in relation to their subjects.

Where do I Start?

Familiarizing different characteristics of the wiki:

  • Learn the general purposes and goals about the wiki here.
  • Check out helpful guides listed at the introductory portion of the page that educate syntax and article writing styles.
  • Use the sandbox editor to practice your editing skills.
  • Watch videos part of the Wikia tutorial here.

Adding and editing content:

  • Help the wiki out by revising, expanding, creating, adding visual media, and editing articles listed.
  • Upload images and videos related to Minecade that might be useful in the future. Your contribution creates a diverse gallery of pictures!
  • Use templates that correspond to different similar subjects. You can find a list of them here.
  • Create an article here. Enter its name by typing it into the input box.

Participating in Community Discussion:

  • Head on over to the Community Portal to discuss different topics, leave feedback about anything relating to the wiki, or just to say hi.
  • If you ever feel the need to leave a comment, criticize, give feedback, or express your opinions about any relation corresponding to the Minecade Wiki, feel free to contact an admin or bureaucrat here.

Featured User of the Month

December's featured user of the month is:
Go thank him/her for his/her contributions to the Minecade Wiki! He/she has been a major support!

Featured Image of the Month

December's featured image of the month is:
The image presents LegendaryCraft's current logo!

Cleanup of the Month

Cleanup of the Month is a monthly attempt to seek attention to particular articles that are in dire need of editing. This includes emphasizing the use of spell-checking, revising, following correct writing style, adding more content, media, and templates, and correcting grammatical errors.

The Cleanup of the Month for December is:

ArmadaCraft Sub-Network
SkyDoesMinecraft Sub-Network

As months proceed, completed articles will start accumulating and populating the wiki considerably! Along with this, our reputation is enlarged.

Cleanup of the Month is repeated monthly, so ensure that you come and help out!

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